eBay Gold

eBay Gold pt1While flicking through eBay I managed to pick up some great job lot items last month. A large collection of PS and XBOX controllers as well as a load of other console pieces.
Perhaps it was a case of buy before I think as when I unboxed my purchases I was faced with literally hundreds of items.
After grouping the items in to categories the dating task of What the Hell can I make with these started to set in.
Before I maniacally ripped into everything careful planing was set in play.
Small pots were gathered for literally everything.

iPhone to take pictures as I went should have been on my list, Alas it was not.

The very look of all the items caused my mind to wander to that of Sci-Fi and the ability to make things out of everyday items to create the weird and wonderful. Just like making a Mr Fusion out of a coffee maker I intend over the following weeks to make real the unreal using my new gotten treasures.

Part 2 – piece by piece